For ages oversized women have longed to wear designer plus size bathing suit and now for the past few years they have been granted their wish and you can see markets being flooded with retailers and designers catering specifically to this niche group. The most common type among plus size swimsuits for women are the skirted one piece style or skirtini that has multiple advantages. The halter neck and spaghetti strap give it the required sophistication while the skirt hides the bulky thighs and buttocks. Stretch marks in plus size women are also seen on thighs and lower waist which this type of swimsuit helps camouflage.

The plus size board shorts are also preferred as it can be paired with a bikini suit and hide any unwanted features plus provide a great confidence to spend time on the beach. The tummy control tankini is ideal for women who are looking to hide their midsection only as they are confident about their legs and torso. It is a two piece suit but gives the look of a one piece as it has control panels in the front and sides of the top that help in giving a flatter look to the tummy. A plus size bathing suit is continuously being brought into the market with newer concepts so be on the lookout and get the latest for yourself.




Every one of us has dreamed to obtain at least once in his life a designer watch. It is a sign that indicates a glamorous, luxury and high class taste. Let’s face it, every time we have in front of us a watch from famous brand names, mens watches  like Cartier, Gucci, D&G, we cannot take our eyes from that. These watches have a unique, secret inner force, which are able to capture all your willing to stay away from them. They can magnetize everyone; actually they remind me the Sirens, who were shouting to Odysseus, since no one could resist to them.

However, in that point we shall analyze the reason on which someone should choose to buy a designer men watch. The majority of people believe that since a watch has a designer name on it and it has a high price, as well, it has actually high quality. Well, sometimes that is not necessary, as well, you can buy a cheap watch, with no brand name on it, and it will be precise, as well as, it may last for many years. Therefore, we are going to highlight all these aspects and underline the most essential points that you should take care when you are about to buy designer men watches.

First, it is the price that indicates a lot about the watch. Well, it depends from your budget and the brand name you want to follow. You can find watches that start from $30 and can reach the $25,000!

Second, it depends whether you prefer to have an analog or a digital watch. If you have a traditional, strict, professional, and general serious look then you should select the analog one. If you are more sportive, modern and in general if you want a more trendy touch, then the digital is the most appropriate for you. However you should keep on mind that the designer men watches, are made more for a specific function and purpose and driven on this the appearance is relative with that.

Third point you should pay attention is the comfort of the watch and the style. It is essential while buying watches, to be sure that it is both comfortable the wrist strap and the watch’s face on your hand. Many of them are heavy enough, regarding the metal that they are made of and also their band can be non elastic, or from steel, something that may give you an intolerance feeling, especially after many hours that you will wear it.

A fourth point is the way they function and their maintenance. If you select an automatic watch, you are going to forget what attune means, however in case you choose to buy a watch that needs standardize, you have to remember that in daily basis, in order to be precise at your rendezvous. Of course you have the option to buy the kinetic ones, and if you belong to the people who make many moves when they talk and describe situations and events, then that will be perfect for you, since they are attuned from your movements.